Monday, January 16, 2012

Lambholt Elder/Silverpelt Werewolf

Innistrad is a world filled with many characters that are mild manner humans by day and vicious zombies and werewolves at night. Many of these characters appear on double faced cards, something new in this block. On these cards, one side depicts these creature in the light of day, and the other at night. For Innistrad's upcoming second act, Dark Ascension, I was asked to illustrate one. The daytime side is called Lambholt Elder, depicting an elderly, seemingly harmless herbalist in her humble shop.

Lambholt Elder
9" x 12" oil on paper mounted to board

The night version is Silverpelt Werewolf, a powerful silvery white werewolf howling at the moon. For these cards, the two pictures have to have a visual link to show that they are the same being in different incarnations. The link here is the shop. The iron fittings and the carved jamb of the door, the window, and the jars and pots give the viewer a clue that the old lady of the shop and the werewolf are one and the same.

Silverpelt Werewolf
11" x 14", oil on paper mounted to board