Sunday, August 14, 2011

Creepy Doll

This one is called Creepy Doll, and it's my first image from the upcoming Innistrad block. The block isn't due out until September, so it's a pleasantly unusual circumstance to be able to show anything from the block this early. Like Force of Will , which I wrote about a couple posts ago, WotC purchased the original art (I'm a big fan of this trend). It was be given to a fan at the Magic panel at San Diego Comic-Con about a month or so ago. You can read about it here.

I enjoyed getting the details right on this one. A feeling of authenticity was important, but without referencing any specific historic dolls too much. Virtually all the 17th century dolls I found looked were odd looking, almost grotesque. Alot of them had really small heads in comparison to their bodies, or strange grins. I felt, however, that the the piece wouldn't work if the dolls looked too weird. The uneasiness should come from the contrast between the cuteness of the child's toy and the evil and cruelty of its actions.
It's 12" x 16" , oils on paper mounted to MDF.

A digital color study


  1. Yikes man, that is one creepy damn doll. Nice treatment on the scissors too.

  2. I love the composition. It really makes the viewer part of the picture! It was great meeting you at GenCon this year.