Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Innistrad!

This image was revealed on the WotC website yesterday, so I can show it now. I dont know anything about the card, but the art depicts some of Innistrad's vampires feasting on some poor sap. I enjoyed composing a picture where the many figures are interacting with each other in close confines. I also liked the chance to depict the well heeled vampires in all their animal viciousness.

The development of the composition, from thumbnail to comprehensive drawing.
©Wizards of the Coast


  1. Wow, this one's really incredible. I love all the clothing details. Killer lighting too.

  2. Damn, dude. How'd you shoot the reference for this one? All the figures work really well together. The eyes on the middle vamp is killer.

  3. Whoa that is incredible!! It seems like vampire art is everywhere with all the tv shows and movies lately, and like I'd become desensitized to it all, but this viscous!! - is totally what it's all about!