Friday, April 25, 2014

Cyclops of Eternal Furies

Cyclops of Eternal Furies
©Wizards of the Coast
In Theros, certain inhabitants are living enchantments, creations of the gods. When we see these creatures, where shadows would normally be, we see through to the plane of Nyx, which is the home of the gods.  Unfortunately for me when I painted it early on in the set, I didn't quite understand the effect. As you can see below in the oil painting, I thought all shadows in each illustration would show the effect. Pressed for time, and not especially adept at painting star fields in oils, I chose to continue the painting in Photoshop. 

Cyclops of Eternal Fury (unfinished)
oils on paper mounted to mdf, 12" x 16"
©Wizards of the Coast


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