Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Armor studies

These were done a while back at the arms and armor section at the Philadelphia Museum of Art . Pencil and white chalk on toned paper proved to be the perfect tools for quickly rendering the steel pieces of armor. Studying the real thing, understanding how it all fits together, all the little bolts and rivets, is invaluable when designing an armored character in a illustration.

jousting helmet



fluted armor


side view of a cuirass and pauldrons


  1. That's always been my favorite room in the museum, nice studies

  2. Damn, Matt. These look seriously good. I went there recently and found those new gauntlets they have out (your 3rd piece from the top) they're easily a new favorite of mine in their collection. The PMA's armory is so good, I may even like it more than the METs collection, with a few exceptions up in NYC like some of the Samurai collection and the full calvary in the middle that they have. Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful.. these are so fluid, I'm speechless.