Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cloud Roads

Here's a book cover I just finished for Night Shade Books called The Cloud Roads. The story is about Moon, an orphan who finds he has the ability to transform himself into a flying creature. Moon finds more of his kind, and joins the fight against an strange power called the Fell.

Digital comps showing two different approaches to the cover. An action scene, and a portrait of the main character, Moon.


  1. Wow man, amazing piece! I love the lighting.

  2. Beautiful colors ! The creature is amazing.

  3. Your cover compelled me to buy the book, and the book was every bit as good as the cover promised. Excellent work.

  4. These are just gorgeous, the crags and contrasting colors in the backgrounds, the articulated wings and spines of the Raksura and those creatures. Just amazing work.