Friday, April 29, 2011

Noxious Revival

Being that the entire New Phyrexia set has been revealed on the WotC site, I can start showing the rest of the stuff I've been sitting on for a while. I got the chance to paint a lot of gross creatures, which I'm suprised about because I never thought it was my strong suit, but I tried to have fun with it. And translucent, gelatinous slime is actually really fun to paint.
This one is called Noxious Revival. It's oils on paper, mounted to MDF, 9" x 12" . Here's the sketch.

An alternate idea. I didnt go with it because I felt it wouldn't translate as well when the image is reduced to the card size


  1. Wow, this one came out great. The slime feels so real.

  2. High 5 for this one Matt. I really like the luminescence on some areas and the control on the subtle values on the edges to increase the focal point. Well done, and thanks for posting the sketches as well.

  3. Great glowing goo. I think that says it all! Awesome piece, digging that glow, man.