Monday, May 2, 2011

Gremlin Mine

Another one for New Phyrexia. The creatures in the background have set a mine for some unfortunate passer-by. They've made the mine out of the metal bodies of the fallen comrades. I based its design on a naval mine. It's oils on paper mounted on MDF, 9" x 12".


  1. That's great, I love that their heads look like vice-grips.

  2. There is something kinda H.R. Giger-ish about the mash up of metal bodies. Really dig this piece and I love that you comment on your inspirations in your blog posts. Thanks.

  3. Chris-Thanks, I cant take credit-the design is pretty much right out of the styleguide. Thanks though

    Patch- I think the giger-ish thing is the shape of the heads.

  4. God damn this is so awesome. I love the heat of this one, man.